Medical Pet Passport


Medical Pet Passport


Pet Passport:

(Look if you’re country have also a passport for pets)
The Dutch pet passport was formerly published by the Netherlands Foundation Registration pet animals (SRGN).
Sins 1 January 2002 is the SRGN lifted and there are also no new Dutch pet passports issued more since then.
The pet passports in circulation can still be used.
Also still in circulation to vaccination booklets remain valid.
Starting from 1 January 2002, the old vaccination booklets and the Dutch pet passport replaced by an all-new pet passport.
This new pet passport is now issued by the Royal Dutch society for veterinary medicine and is available from your veterinarian.
1 pet passport
The pink rabies certificate, which was previously available separately, with the accompanying health certificate, is integrated in the new pet passport.
For the time being only for Norway, Sweden and England still loose rabies certificates and separate forms exist, for all other European countries, the new pet passport be used.
The format of the new pet passport has also changed, were there used in the vaccination booklet only the vaccinations in written, now is in the new pet passport per year a page reserved for completing a comprehensive clinical examination of the pet.

2 pet passport

The passport has the function of an official document and every passport has its own unique number.
In combination with a sticker (if present) in your cat placed microchip, it is referred to as an inseparable whole connected with your cat.






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