Anatomy the Legs


Anatomy the Legs


The legs:

Most cats have long, slim legs in relationship with their body.
Cats have five toes on both front legs and four toes on the hind legs.
The first toe is a bit higher than the other four toes on the front leg.
This first toe touches the ground during walking, but will be used in the care and at grabbing a prey.
cat leg
At the tip of the toes are strong, sharp, curved claws.
The claws of the CAT are located in a sheath, so that they are protected during the walk.
The claws grow out the last bone of the toe and are with ties.
The claw is made out of skin changes: the ' life ' of the nail (also called the leather pelt) is protected by the outer cuticle.
cats claw

How is the claw visible?

The cat may pull its claw to wobble by the digital muscles in his leg to pull together and the bend bands (under the leg).

Cat claw closeup

Then ' shoot ' the claw out of it.
Is the cat at the foot rest, than the tires on the function as a natural sheath.





cats in V shape




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